Brain Science

Is Synapse the "Culprit" ?

Mr. Masahiko Nomi once said in his book "Blood type essense."

At present, the effect of blood types on humans is no other than an estimation. There are also two ideas of disposition movement:  direct or indirect. I am leaning toward the direct thesis for now. It is hard to think of the indirect effect, because blood-type influence appears over so many aspects of human behavior.


I define the "personality" of a human as its circuit characteristics when considering the human nervous system including the brain as one electric circuit. In fact, the stimulation transmission of the nerve is done electrically. Materials that make up the circuit differ in blood types. They also affect the circuit characteristics.


It is a synapse that I regard as the powerful "culprit." This is like a terminal of a neuron, and information comes in from every direction, then it goes out. Transmission is electrically performed.

That is, one synapse is like a single battery. The chemical solution of the electrolyte is different depending on blood types. Even though characteristic differences of each synapse are small, there are hundreds of millions of synapses in the brain. It can become a big difference if accumulated.

Then let me review three studies of brain waves.