Modern science is establishing indisputable links between biochemistry and personality.

Now it has become possible to chart your personality according to your blood type.

A brilliant Japanese researcher named Masahiko Nomi began to keep records of people's blood types, cross-referencing these with statistics ...


Words from You Are Your Blood Type (1988) 

 by Toshitaka Nomi and Alexander Besher


As Masahiko Nomi, Toshitaka Nomi and Alexander besher once said,

blood types and personality are obviously related.

This is a conclusion from top 10 large-scale surveys, too.

We may have discovered the secret of genes, little by little ...

Results of Large-Scale Surveys over 300,000 People are ALL POSITIVE

How can we examine whether blood types and personality are related?

The easiest way is to ask questions about personality and see if there are differences by blood types.


Well, not only budget, but time and efforts are serious issues to conduct a large questionnaire. However, the world seems to be quite large. Ask, it will be given!

Papers of psychology and reports of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (of Japan) are surprising blind spots.


According to the book "Why are type B women so popular ? -- 300,000 people solved the mystery of blood types" by Masayuki Kanazawa (*1), most of large-scale surveys of "blood types and personality" clearly show positive results.


(Excerpts) [Regarding blood types and personality] Results of top 10 large-scale surveys are examined if there are any differences in statistical data.


When comparing all the 10 surveys, 9 (90%) of them showed positive [Difference=Yes] results. Comparing the number of subjects, about 330,000 [324,037] people (96.5%) out of total 340,000 [335,766] are so. Therefore, we can say that positive results are overwhelming.


Top 10 Large-Scale Surveys of "Blood Types and Personality"


No. Author(s)

No. of





Muto, Nagashima et al. (2012)

193,800 Yes Personality

Masahiko Nomi (1981)

50,000 Yes Personality


Yamazaki & Sakamoto (1991)

32,467 Yes Personality
4 Peter J. D'adamo (2001) 20,635 Yes Personality
5 Yutaka Matsui (1991) 11,766 Yes Personality
6 Kengo Nawata (2014) 11,729 No Life etc.
7 Shigeyuki Yamaoka (2009) 6,660 Yes Personality


DIMSDRIVE (2004) 4,096 Yes Personality
9 Chieko Ichikawa (2009) 2,721 Yes




Toshinori Shirasa (1999) 1,894 Yes Personality


- 335,766 - -

Note: Personality tests excluded (the reason is described in supplement


According to Mr. Kanazawa, differences in each large-scale data are found EXCEPT Mr. Nawata's  of the sixth place (in red). As you can see from the table above, question items of his paper are limited to money and lifestyle, have nothing to do with personality. On the other hand, all the other nine surveys have question items about personality. In other words, no difference comes out because Mr. Nawata's question items are not of personality ...

This result is also the same of a Korea's consumer behavior survey (*2). The nature of Korean consumers is thought to differ by their blood types, but actually, little difference is found in the questionnaire on consumption behavior. Question items are  not directly related to personality.


*1 Masayuki Kanazawa (2016)
金澤正由樹 B型女性はなぜ人気があるのか-30万人のデータが解く血液型の謎
*2 Kwan Ho Suk, Ji Eun Koo (2012) Are consumer buying behaviors relate to blood types?